Mark Frost - June 11, 2012


Mark Frost is the author of numerous books including The Greatest Game Ever Played, The Match, and The Grand Slam. When he was researching The Greatest Game Ever Played about the 1913 U.S. Open, he was fascinated to learn how professional golfers were considered second class citizens in many circles until the 1920’s while amateurs were treated very well. Professionals were not even allowed inside the clubhouse for many years. When the movie was being made and they were searching for an actor to play Francis Ouimet, they cast Shia LeBeouf based in part on the fact that he came to his audition carrying a golf bag. After LaBeouf was cast, Frost and the other producers discovered that he had been a bit overenthusiastic about his level of golf experience but after a golf boot camp, LaBeouf did a great job of portraying the famed Francis Ouimet.

When it comes to future golf projects, Frost said that he is hoping to have a movie version of The Match made. The Match told the story of a famous match at Cypress Point between Ken Venturi and Harvie Ward against Ben Hogan and Byron Nelson. When it comes to writing a book about golf, you have to find a compelling story or else the book will not be any good to anyone. At one point, The Match was going to be made into a movie and the producers had approval to shoot at Cypress Point but when the economy went downhill their sponsor and link to Cypress Point left the project but Frost is hoping to revive the project and the link to Cypress Point because he would certainly like to have Ken Venturi’s involvement as he is the only surviving competitor from that match.