Mark Rolfing - March 2, 2012


Davis Love III tied the course record at PGA National on Thursday with a 64 and Rolfing thinks that Love III has what it takes to play well and contend. He wished that he did not say that he would play  on his team if he made the top 8 in points because  that would only serve to distract him. The weather conditions will make low scores easy to come by which means that Love III will have to play very well and work a bit harder to stay in contention.

He does not think that Tiger’s putting problems are physical but instead thinks that they are entirely mental. He is leaving almost all of his missed putts short which suggests that he does not have the confidence right now to make those putts and cannot picture them going in. Tiger also has to hit the ball closer to the hole if he is going to have more putts go in because he will have more chances.

Rolfing doubts that questions on the Hank Haney book have done anything to distract Tiger on the golf course this week. The line of questioning is unfortunate because this is a great week with a number of great stories including the news that Honda has extended its contract as title sponsor to 2016. The Haney issue has only served to distract from those great stories.