Mark Rolfing - October 21, 2011


Reacting to the news about Rory McIlroy leaving ISM, Rolfing said that he was not really surprised although he did not think it would happen this fast. Rory does not seem to be kind of person who likes to spend a lot of time in the bar and partying like some of the other players on the ISM roster. Rory is focusing on the future and his focus is on the Major Championships and while he will make a lot of money playing for big appearance fees in Malaysia and China, he will not make a lot of history and when you look back at 2011, Rory’s big moments good and bad will be remembered as taking place in the Major Championships.

The Presidents Cup will be played in Australia next month and the one member of the U.S. team with the most concern is Steve Stricker. Rolfing recently spent some time with Stricker in Wisconsin and he is ready to play in the Presidents Cup although his health is still not 100%. Stricker has not hit a lot of balls or played a lot of golf recently but that is not that different from his usual routine this time of year. He is spending a lot of time in physical therapy and he is working hard to get healthy for the Presidents Cup. Looking forward, Stricker may not be playing as many tournaments as he really values the time that he spends in Wisconsin with his family. When he is practicing at home, he likes looking in the mirror when he studies his golf swing instead of using video cameras and other technology.

The Hyundai Tournament of Champions will begin the 2012 PGA TOUR season but Rory McIlroy will not be there. He is not surprised that Rory will not be there but he is disappointed. He does feel that there will be a world tour someday and feels that a way to increase the standing of the season opener at Kapalua is to increase the field. Changes to the field are needed and he thinks that changes will come in the near future.