Martin Davis - April 7, 2012


Martin Davis is Golf Channel’s Historian and has written an article about the 77th anniversary of Gene Sarazen’s Double Eagle on Hole Number 15 in the 1935 Masters on It was the shot heard round the world and Davis feels that it may be the most important shot ever struck not only in Masters history but in golf history.

The bigger Big 3 in his opinion between Hogan, Nelson, Snead and Nicklaus, Palmer, Player is the latter. While the first Big 3 were all born in the same year and made a great number of contributions to the game of golf, the second Big 3 were more dominant as they held total dominance over the game and The Masters for several years.

He was at the 1986 Masters when Nicklaus won his 6th Masters and feels that Jack had not received his due in golf until that moment. Interestingly, Nicklaus won in 1986 making a final round charge that was more similar to that of Arnold Palmer.

Some of the most important Masters Tournaments include 1935, 1942, and 1958 but he thinks the most important one was 1986 because it showed the world how great Jack Nicklaus was and people were then able to go back and research just how great Nicklaus really was in golf. He would give a vote to 1997 and Tiger Woods as well.

Everyone in the Press Room seems to think that Rory McIlroy is truly the best big thing in golf and if he were to win this week it would be one of the greatest comeback stories in history. It is not often that someone collapses the way that McIlroy did and then return to win the very next year. Sam Snead did exactly that in 1952 but it took Ken Venturi a number of years to recover from his loss in the 1956 Masters before winning the 1964 U.S. Open.