Martin Davis - May 25, 2012


When asked about the mystique actually is, Davis said that it has to do with so many different things. He swung the club unlike anyone else, he won like anyone else, and he was so intimidating that people called him “The Hawk” because of his intense stare.

Hogan believed that he won 5, not 4, U.S. Opens because he won the 1942 Hale America Open which was run by the USGA and held in place of the U.S. Open because the U.S. Open was not held due to World War II. The Hale America Open was open to professionals who were not in service with the U.S. Military. The Hale America Open was on the USGA record books for many years for the time that it was held in 1942-1945. There is a famous picture of Hogan with a U.S. Open trophy and five, not four, gold medals.

In 1955 at Olympic Club, Hogan walked off of the 18th green and he felt so confident that he was going to win that he handed Joe Dey his golf ball and asked that it be kept in Golf House in New Jersey. Dey congratulated Hogan on his 5th U.S. Open win and Hogan corrected him and said that it would be his 6th title. Of course, Jack Fleck ended up tying Hogan and then winning the playoff the next day.