Martin Hall - December 10, 2011


Martin Hall is the host of School of Golf on Golf Channel and he will be a part of Golf Channel’s 7 Nights at the Academy which begins December 12th at 7PM ET. He spent a good deal of time with Raymond Floyd and you can learn untold amounts of knowledge from the 4-time Major Champion. He jumped at the chance to spend time with Floyd and feels that that time with him was one of the highlights of a fantastic 2011. When people are watching next week, they will get a real idea of what made Floyd such a fierce competitor and such a great player.

The first year of School of Golf has finished and when he is out on the road, the most common question he gets is the best way to improve your game and his answer is improving the fundamentals of your golf game instead of looking for some magic cure for their swing problems. He is not a magician and he cannot wave a magic wand but he can show people how to improve their games by getting back to basics.

He lives in Palm Beach, FL and when Webb Simpson and Keegan Bradley had great success in 2011, you could not find a long putter in the entire town. The differences between using a long and short putter are stark. For country club players, they tend to struggle the most with long putts because of the added weight. From what he hears, many tour players actually practice with a long putter and then play tournaments with a short putter.

He is looking forward to the second season of School of Golf and plans to have a few new features for the show that were not on the first season in 2011. The show will begin in the late part of January 2012 and is excited to begin.