Matt Dobyns - July 3, 2012


Matt Dobyns won the 2012 PGA Professional National Championship last week in Seaside, California and will lead a group of 20 PGA Club Professionals who will compete next month in the PGA Championship at Kiawah Island. It was an 11th hour decision to compete because there was going to be a Ladies Member-Guest at his home club, Fresh Meadow Country Club. After his staff convinced him that he should play, he went online to buy a very expensive plane ticket and flew over to California. Once there, he played a nine-hole practice round before beginning the tournament and now he is the 2012 PGA Professional National Champion.

The golf course dictated how competitors should play the course and strategically speaking, it was very straight forward and once he had the large lead he did not deviate from his original plan. He has seen many players stick to their original plan on their way to victory and he was able to do the same thing.

He has had his share of great days on the golf course but he never had a day where he made a hole-in-one and holed out for eagle over a five-hole stretch and he has certainly never had a day like that in a National Championship. That just made an incredibly special week even more special.

When it comes to the PGA Championship, his main goal is not to get sick when he is on the first tee in the first round. The PGA Championship, for the Club Professionals, is a week where they get to enjoy the tournament as a competitor and as a visitor. He certainly hopes to play well, but it is not his main priority as he wants to enjoy the experience with his family.