Matt Ginella - June 8, 2012


Matt Ginella is the Senior Travel Editor for Golf Digest. He said that the best way to prepare for the weather in San Francisco is to bring layers. When he played Harding Park recently, he experienced multiple seasons and alternated between shirt sleeves and mittens.

Talking to a couple of members of The Olympic Club, he found out  that many members felt that the 18th green was too severe in 1998 and as a result the superintendent flattened the green in 2000. In order to reach a middle ground, the green was altered again in 2009 and it is now not as severe as 1998 but also not as flat as it was in 2000.

A great thing about San Francisco is that it is not a large city so you can go from end to end in a very short amount of time. He would recommend that visitors to the city go to Alcatraz and drive across the Golden Gate Bridge at least once along with spend

San Francisco is a great sports town and while he does not know where it ranks among big sports towns like New York, Chicago, and Boston, he knows that it ranks among those cities with the 49ers, Giants, and even the Warriors.

The Olympic Club is a very challenging course and would label the 2012 U.S. Open host course as a punch in the teeth while he would label the San Francisco Golf Club as a warm hug. The Olympic Club will certainly be tough but fair although he would put the word tough before fair.