Matt Kuchar - May 15, 2012


Kuchar said that he has not had a chance to get much sleep since he won THE PLAYERS but he was really excited to be able to be a part of Champions Tuesday on Morning Drive as it is a segment that he always enjoys watching. While he had not won since 2010, Kuchar felt that he had been playing very well in a lot of tournaments since his last win in the 2010 Barclays and that he was giving himself a lot of chances to win. It was great to be able to be in contention on Sunday in The Masters last month and just a month later he was able to finish THE PLAYERS with a win.

His Swing Coach Chris O’Connell believes that if you are getting good results with a swing, it is very easy to trust what you are doing. When he began working with O’Connell, he felt confident with the new swing after hitting just five balls. While his backswing has not changed much, his shoulder turn, his hand position, and his downswing have changed significantly. However, the key to the success has been O’Connell’s work on Kuchar’s alignment. O’Connell will be travelling with him over the next few weeks and he is excited to continue to improve his swing.

Playing with Kevin Na in the final round of THE PLAYERS, while he had been warned not to look at Na’s routine, he did not consciously do anything to avoid Na because Kuchar knew that it would not be a distraction anyway. If he were trying to avoid looking at him, he would have still been distracted because he could hear Kevin Na yelling at himself. Kuchar added that he did not have many opportunities to even talk to Na because after every shot, Na would begin walking very fast to his next shot and Na was often well ahead of Kuchar in the fairway.

In his opinion, the shot of the final round and the shot of the tournament for him was his tee shot with a hybrid on the 18th hole. Kuchar walked onto the 18th tee with a two-shot lead and he hit the hybrid flush and straight down the middle which put him in great position to win by playing safe.