Matt Melrose - October 5, 2011


Matt Melrose is the latest eliminated player from Big Break Ireland. He participated in a practice round for the show and then he received a call to be a part of  the show. It was a great experience and he really enjoyed it. He knew nothing about the show but after having been on it, he feels very fortunate to have been a part of  the experience. He learned how to play golf in a short period of time and quickly became a scratch player. The weather in Ireland was brutal at times and when it was very cold, he would wear so many layers that it looked as though he weighed 300 pounds. The cold weather made the long waits between shoots even more difficult. Since he had no expectations about the show, he was not surprised by any aspect of the show but it was interesting to see what material was included in the final cut of the episodes and what was not. He had a mix-up with his U.S. Q-School application so he will be heading back to South Africa to play in Q-School there and plans to try to make his way to the PGA  TOUR through the European Tour.