Meghan Hardin - May 15, 2012


Meghan Hardin is a contestant on Big Break Atlantis and was the first contestant to be eliminated. She also made history as the youngest competitor in Big Break history at the age of 19. In order to participate, she had to turn professional and she does not regret the decision. Prior to Big Break Atlantis, she was not sure about what she wanted to study in college or what her career path was going to be. Being on The Big Break convinced her that she wanted to make a career of being a professional golfer and she is excited to be pursuing that dream.

Recently, she competed in her first professional event in Arizona and while she did not get off to a great start with a 79, she followed with rounds of 77 and 76 and she is excited to play more events. When she was on The Big Break, she realized that she was just as good as the other competitors despite not having the same kind and quality of experience and when she goes to tournaments she knows that she is capable of competing.

She became friends with Shannon Fish and Fish was nicknamed Blondie and she was nicknamed Barbie. Hardin also came up with the nickname “Blondetourage” for the pair and they even had their own handshake. Hardin is also the face of Big Break Atlantis and she considers that to be a big honor considering that she never thought she would ever be pictured in magazines.

When she participated in the glass breaking challenge, the toughest thing is to figure out the distance to the glass and then try to break it as fast as possible. She also participated in a closest to the pin challenge which was played in 30 MPH wind. Unfortunately, she did not end up winning the challenge and was eliminated.

She is very excited to be participating with Michael Breed in the Big Break Academy at 7PM ET tonight. They are both high energy and enjoy being on camera to the point where she felt that she and Michael were actually fighting for camera time which was fun. Meghan will be participating in a live chat on at Noon ET on Tuesday.