Michael Breed - June 18, 2012


PGA of America Professional Michael Breed is the host of The Golf Fix and of Big Break Academy on Golf Channel. Earlier guest Aubrey McCormick gave Breed the nickname of “Fire Hose” because all you have to do is turn him on!

When he sees Beau Hossler, Breed is struck by his ability to stay calm in a very stressful situation. This was his second straight U.S. Open and these Majors will only serve to make him a better player. His swing is not traditional although it has some traditional elements. Hossler’s swing is very similar in look to that of Colin Montgomerie and Breed added that like Montgomerie, Hossler does not hit the ball very high which he will need to work on in the future.

With two hours to go in the final round, there were still six to eight people who could have won the U.S. Open and while everyone at some point made a case that  they would win, Webb Simpson of course was the one who hung in the longest and he walked away with the trophy. No one talked about Simpson very much until he won the U.S. Open but Breed understands this because he has the kind of personality that does not jump out at people and he just goes about his business. He made his big move on Saturday with a 68 and then carried it through on Sunday with another 68. Webb is someone who since he was a young kid has known how to raise his game for an important and crucial and a big part of that is keeping control of his emotions. It is OK to be high octane but you have to understand how that attitude can help and hurt you on the golf course.

Although nothing particularly suggested statistically that he would win the U.S. Open, Webb Simpson has a complete game where he does not do any one thing extraordinarily well except putting himself in position to win.