Michael Breed - October 25, 2011


His new book is “The 3-Degree Putting Solution” and he feels that putting is the one area of the game of golf where amateurs can definitely get on the same playing field as the professionals because any golfer can make a 3 foot, 10 foot, 30 foot, or 60 foot putt while not everyone can hit a drive 300 yards. He feels that the reason that more players do not spend more time working on their short game is that putting is not what attracts people to  the game of golf because it is not as exciting as hitting a great iron shot or a great tee shot. Luke Donald’s statistics from 80 yards and in are absolutely unbelievable and while the elite players are spending 60% of their practice time on their short game, amateurs are not spending near that much time on that part of their games. In the way he teaches, short game is a huge priority for his students and he makes sure to drive that the point home that in order to improve your game, you have to spend more time on your short game. He would recommend that young players learn how to putt using a traditional putter because you will better learn about the nature of good putting with a traditional putter and he also feels that the anchored putter is a fad. He thinks that you can still use a long putter as long as it is not attached to your body. One of the things he writes about in his book is how to roll the ball properly and take the twitching action out of your putting stroke which causes the yips and other problems with your putting. The tips will make your putting stroke more efficient. One good tip he would offer is to try to make your putter head move in an upward motion when you are hitting the ball in order to create consistent roll on the putts and as a result, you will create more consistent putts.