Michele Tafoya - September 16, 2011


Michele Tafoya is the new sideline reporter for Sunday Night Football on NBC Sports. Looking back at week one following all of the lockout drama, she feels that the fan reaction and the quality of play was as though the lockout never occurred. She felt that the lockout would end during the summer because of the pressure and the fan support especially with all of the economic turmoil was too much for the NFL to remain off the fields and off the TV screens. She was in New Jersey for week one on 9/11 and the atmosphere before the game was very charged and everything that happened during the game especially considering the date was very powerful. On the subject of Michael Vick, she feels that the football media is still holding its breath and hoping that they are now seeing the real Michael Vick in Philadelphia. Last season during a production meeting, she was struck by what Vick said when he told her that he did not know that living life could be so peaceful. She thinks that Vick gets it now and that he did not know how much he had to lose until he lost it. This week on NBC is Philadelphia at Atlanta and while she does not have her best question yet, she would want to talk to Vick the most although she is also interested in seeing how Matt Ryan reacts on Sunday when Michael Vick returns to the Georgia Dome after having been the undisputed Atlanta Falcons star before his fall from grace. She always enjoys talking to New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton during pre-game production meetings as well as New York Jets Coach Rex Ryan as he is very honest and very comfortable in his own skin. Ryan tells it like it is and that is absolutely clear to anyone who talks to him.