Mike Florio - October 21, 2011


Florio is on ProFootballTalk for NBCSports.com. This weekend, the Colts and Saints will be playing on Sunday night. The Colts are still keeping the door open for Peyton Manning but there is not much optimism as Manning has to wait for nerves to regenerate with his neck before he can even think about coming back. If the Colts get the #1 pick in the NFL Draft, Manning will certainly not want to have Indianapolis draft Andrew Luck although he is a good guy and would likely be a good mentor for Luck. Carson Palmer has been traded from Cincinatti to Oakland and the Raiders have said that Palmer will start at QB although that may be a smokescreen. Palmer may not be in top shape to start a game in the NFL and may need a bit more time to get into game shape. If he is indeed not in shape, Palmer could easily injure himself and with a bye week next week, the Raiders may be better off giving him two weeks to prepare to start at QB but the team seems ready to roll the dice. Tampa Bay has shown a lot of mental toughness in being able to bounce back from a 48-3 loss to the 49ers by beating the Saints. The Detroit Lions are for real this year and so are the San Francisco 49ers who he feels is the best of those three teams. San Francisco has played great but has yet to even enter into their easier part of the 2011 schedule. Every year, Terrell Owens’ options get smaller and smaller and if he is going to return to the NFL he will have to take the bare minimum contract. The challenge is going to be finding a team where the coach will be able to exert his control and make sure that T.O. does not get out of control and divide the locker room. He thinks that before the end of the season, a team –but not several teams- will express interest in adding T.O. to their roster.