Mike Mayock - October 28, 2011


He is an analyst for the NBC Sports coverage of Notre Dame and he feels that Notre Dame’s coach Brian Kelly has done a great job. Kelly has been exceptional at bringing some very talented players to Notre Dame and has shown himself to be a great recruiter. There was a great deal of excitement last year when the Fighting Irish won a bowl game and although this season has been a bit strange in terms of results, he feels that Notre Dame is getting closer to becoming a force in college football again. Mayock feels that in terms of their performance, Notre Dame should be 7-0 instead of 4-3. They are improving on both sides of the ball but they have to cut down on their turnovers. Talent wise, Notre Dame is as good as they have been in a very  long time. If he were with the Indianapolis Colts, he wants to pick the most talented player who will help the team in the long run. Whether that means drafting Andrew Luck and keeping him or drafting Andrew Luck and trading him for other players or better yet future draft picks, he would want to do what is best for the team. Dallas and Philadelphia are meeting up on NBC Sunday Night Football this week. He said during the preseason that Philadelphia would be better in the second half of the season because the Eagles were having to establish a team with a number of new free agent acquisitions. Not everyone liked those comments but while the Eagles have had a couple of good games, they still have a losing record. Both Dallas and Philadelphia have strong defenses and he thinks that this will be one of the best Sunday Night Football matchups of the entire season.