The Miz - March 30, 2012


Mike Mizanin, or The Miz, is a WWE wrestler who is in Miami for Wrestlemania and is playing golf today at TPC Blue Monster at Doral. Today is the celebrity pro-am bright and early right after the big Wrestlemania party last night. He admitted that he was motivated to appear on Morning Drive because he wants to get a new set of golf clubs. The Miz told Erik and Rex that they missed a great party last night which raised a lot of money for charity after he was told that party invites could improve the odds of getting new clubs.

He was at a pro-am with John Daly and he had never met anyone who talked as much as he did. It was at the Travelers Championship and he played on a team with Vaughn Taylor and Joe Pesci. He went to the first tee and was trash talking before he proceeded to almost whiff his first tee shot.

Wrestlers in the WWE do not tend to be great golfers because they travel so much. Booker T is a good player as he does not wrestle as much as he used to. He is embarrassed to admit his handicap and so he did not admit. The Miz said that he can hit the ball 300 yards off the tee but he is not very consistent.