Natalia Ghilzon - June 12, 2012


Natalia Ghilzon is the latest contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Atlantis. The most surprising aspect of the competition was that everything was a surprise. You never knew what you were going to be doing or what competitions you would be participating in. The Big Break gives you experience in having to perform under pressure and she feels that the experience will help her become a better tournament player. She felt that the Big Break Atlantis cast was  the best in the history of  the show and she enjoyed getting to know all of the cast members. She looks forward to reuniting with them later this year.

She is in Montreal this week playing an event on the Canadian Women’s Tour and will be in Niagara next week for a tournament. It feels great to be playing competitive golf especially after she had to undergo serious wrist surgery in 2009. She had to wait until one year after the surgery before she could begin playing golf again and even after that wait she still has pain when she is swinging the club. She appears on an episode of Big Break Academy with Michael Breed next Tuesday at 7PM ET.