Nick Faldo - November 1, 2011


He dressed up as an old Scottish golfer when he went trick or treating with his kids in Orlando on Monday night as tweeted by Annika Sorenstam. The best performance he saw in 2011 was Rory McIlroy’s 8 shot win in the U.S. Open not only for its dominance, but also for the fact that it followed his final round collapse at Augusta National in the Major Championship before. It was very important for Rory to recover as quickly as he did and if he had collapsed in the final round again it would have been catastrophic. The biggest scare moment in his career was in the 1992 Open Championship in the final round when he was World #1 and had a comfortable lead early but frittered it away over the back nine. Fortunately he was able to recover over the last few holes to win his  third Open Championship.

When it comes to Sergio’s 2 straight wins, he feels that this is a great resurgence and it is wonderful to see that he still knows how to win. The Andalucia Masters had a stronger field than the week before which is a positive progression and he knows that Sergio would love to win in the U.S. again before The Masters. He thinks that the scar tissue that Sergio has accumulated over the years in Major Championships will play a factor in future Majors but the fact that he has done what he has done after taking some time off from the game shows you how resilient Sergio is and it is possible for him to do a lot of great things.

While he does not necessarily believe that Tiger’s winning days are over completely, he is concerned by the fact that it has been two years since he won and additionally he has seen just one fist pump from him in that time – the 8th hole in the 2011 Masters. Everything has changed in his life over the last two years and he has to piece together how to win again and wonders if Tiger still has the mental strength that he had back in 1999 and 2000 when there was Tiger and everybody else. Faldo changed his swing dramatically during his pro career and was able to have great success but to go through that process even for someone as physically gifted as Tiger is very, very difficult and he admitted that some of the things he did were a bit crazy and might do them differently today. The biggest obstacle to a successful swing change for Tiger is the limited tournament starts. There is so much time between tournament rounds that he does not even have the chance to figure out if the swing changes are even working. Faldo is a part of 7 Nights at the Academy on Golf Channel as one of several all-time greats who will instructional tips to viewers.