Nick Faldo - October 30, 2012


When asked about the news regarding Rory McIlroy parting ways with Titleist at the end of 2012, Faldo said this decision could be a bit dangerous for McIlroy. He has switched clubs in his career but they were able to duplicate everything with his irons including the look and the feel. McIlroy should sign a deal for his golf bag and then use whatever clubs he is the most comfortable with regardless of brand. It is a risky decision to switch equipment brands at such a young age and Faldo said that he knows from personal experience how negatively an equipment change can turn out.

As a professional golfer, your equipment becomes a part of you and you become attached to the look, the feel, and the sound of the club. During his career, he actually kept the exact same shafts in his clubs regardless of the irons that he was using because he knew what he needed to use to be successful.

Faldo is releasing a revised version of his book “A Swing For Life” and things have changed a lot over the past decade or so in golf not only in the technology available to professionals and amateurs but also in his own opinions about the golf swing and how it should be taught. Some of his swing thoughts have to do with alignment and tempo as those are two of the biggest factors in determining how you hit your shot and where it actually goes. Whether you are an amateur or professional, everyone tends to work on the same things at the end of the day.

Among today’s players, he admires the swings of Adam Scott as well as any player who realizes that his swing works for him regardless of how it may look. Bubba Watson is a player who has enough confidence in his swing to know that it will work for him regardless of how it may look to other people. Rickie Fowler is another example and he is a player who has come very close to winning on multiple occasions and when he is swinging well, he is as great as they come.

The large majority of the young players have great work ethics and that is one of the reasons why you have so many great young players. They have been raised in competitive golf and many of them have trained and prepared for tournaments like professionals from the time that they were very young.

Exhibitions are necessary in golf because it gives the best players in the world an opportunity to play before crowds all over the world who want to see them. And when you can have the best players in the world having fun with each other on the course, it makes the game of golf even more attractive around the world and it helps to grow the game even more.

When asked the action of anchoring the putter, Faldo stands with the traditionalists who believe that the putting stroke has to involve the nerves and an actual stroke but he does have sympathy for the younger players who learned the game of golf using an anchored stroke because it was legal. The ruling bodies of the game of golf are in a difficult position now because it looks like they will ban the action and they will have to handle the repercussions. As an analyst, he does not look forward to discussing the issue for the next three years.

He feels that the ruling bodies should have looked into the idea of making a set of rules for the pros and another set of rules for amateurs. Advancements in equipment technology have helped amateurs have more fun on the golf course but they have also helped pros reach new heights of competitive excellence which has had a number of consequences on various elements of the game of golf.