Nina Rodriguez - November 2, 2011


She was a late bloomer to golf as she was introduced to the game by her father when she was 19 and attending junior college intending to play basketball. She quickly fell in love with the game and decided to choose golf over basketball. The weather in Ireland was certainly different from California and it tested her on so many different levels. You have to learn how to hit all kinds of shots and it brings out a lot of things about your game. You have to show up for one shot, not 18 holes, and as a result you do not really get an idea of who is the most talented player among the cast although the players from Ireland know the weather and would be more skilled in the wind. During the show, she hit shots she had hit before but not in those conditions. Having missed the final stage of LPGA Tour Q-School, she is planning to go back to the Futures Tour in 2012 and this weekend she is looking forward to going out to the Charles Schwab Cup Championship in San Francisco to watch some golf and meet some people.