Ozzie Smith - July 11, 2012


Baseball Hall of Fame Member Ozzie Smith joined Morning Drive from Kansas City, Missouri where he attended Tuesday night’s All-Star Game. He loves to play golf and he said that he shot a 79 on Tuesday but should have shot around even par. When you retire from a sport, there is a competitive void and he tries to fill that void by playing golf. It is very interesting that he has a harder time hitting a ball that is sitting still than a ball that is flying at him at 100 miles per hour.

The use of the All-Star Game as a way to determine home field advantage for the World Series is a way to try to give the game mean more. There are some who do not like this policy because they prefer determining home field advantage based on record but over recent years it has become necessary to do something to give the All-Star Game more meaning.

Looking ahead to the World Series, Smith said it is hard to pick against the Yankees from the American League and he is picking his St. Louis Cardinals to represent the National League. He added that the selection of the Cardinals should not come as a surprise to anyone.