Paul Johnson - May 2, 2012


Paul Johnson is the Head Football Coach at Georgia Tech and he teamed with Jon Barry to lead Georgia Tech to a second straight title in this event where a record $763,000 was raised for scholarships and charity. The Challenge is an event that is played in a two-man scramble format with the football coach and a notable alum from a university. Johnson guesses that he has about a 7 handicap right now although he is having some trouble playing to it.

On the question of a four-team playoff for the BCS Championship, Johnson thinks that it will eventually become a reality but that the BCS should actually adopt a 16-team playoff. Some people say that a 16-team playoff would diminish the regular season but Johnson disagrees and he knows from experiences. If he were in charge, there would be a 16-team playoff. However, he is not in charge so he doubts that there will ever be 16 teams in a BCS playoff although he does think that there will be four teams.