Paula Creamer - September 21, 2011


Paula Creamer is a member of the U.S. Solheim Cup for the fourth time. There was some trouble for the U.S. team early in the week when the U.S. team arrived in Ireland and their bus broke down after leaving the airport. She joked that it must have been the European team messing with them. Because of the weather, the U.S. team is being very careful with their practice time. They played nine holes today and spent a little bit of time practicing and getting used to the weather and the rain gear. She has had her thumb taped up for the last couple of events and she is just trying to keep it loose and healthy so she is ready to play this week. She feels that Captain Rosie Jones knows what is best for the team when it comes to pairings and although she and Juli Inkster have shown that they have played well together, she trusts her Captain to make the right choices regarding who she and everyone else plays with. Like most members of the U.S. team, she is seeing Killeen Castle for the very first time and while the European team is as strong as it has ever been, it is also match play and anything can happen. She said that the veterans are giving the rookies a bit of a hard time – for example, telling them to make peanut butter sandwiches- but it is all a part of the team atmosphere. She added that that is all she can say about the rookie hazing. She said that the U.S. team has been in team mode for a long time and that they have spent a lot of time meeting and practicing together prior to this week and after the last putt dropped in Alabama last week, the 12 individuals became one team and they are completely united in their efforts to win the Solheim Cup. What Lexi Thompson did last week was incredible and she actually broke her own LPGA record for youngest winner of a 72-hole event on the LPGA Tour but the record could not have been broken by a better player and she is very excited about what is ahead for Lexi.