Peggy Nelson - March 14, 2012


Peggy Nelson married the late Byron Nelson in 1986. She thinks about him every day so there is not a day that goes by where she does not have fond memories of him. She loves talking about him and remembering their time together and it is wonderful to see that so many people want to know about the life and career of her husband. It is also great to see that so many people still remember what Byron did in his life.

She talked with Byron a number of times about the significance of his first big win and where he was in his life at the time. He was an assistant pro at Ridgewood Country Club in New Jersey and that is where he found his game and his confidence.

Not many people realize how incredibly humble he was. He would say that having his name on the HP Byron Nelson Championship meant more to him than winning 11 straight tournaments in 1945 or any other achievement in his career.

Above all other things in his career, he took the most pride in how consistent he was with his game at a very high level. He certainly had his times when he was not playing well so he could definitely appreciate when he was playing well. He knew that he could perform at a high level and he always appreciated and realized the significance of when he was able to perform to his potential.

He did not have too many regrets in his life although he certainly did want to win the Open Championship as it was the only one of the four that he did not win. One of his best characteristics was that he knew how to handle defeat gracefully and accept when he did not finish on top and someone else did.