Peter Jacobsen - March 22, 2012


Golf Channel on NBC Analyst Peter Jacobsen is in Orlando, Florida this week for the Arnold Palmer Invitational. A couple of weeks ago in Miami, he gave Golf Channel on NBC viewers a look at fashion on the PGA TOUR in Jake’s Takes. This week, he will be taking a look at a PGA TOUR pro-am and showing what the experience is like for the professionals as well as the amateurs for the Arnold Palmer Invitational edition of Jake’s Takes.

He is very passionate about the idea of the value of the PGA TOUR players interacting with the amateurs during the Pro-Am. Wednesday is the most important day of the week on the PGA TOUR because it is a chance for players to get inside the ropes with the people who spend the money that allows all of the players to have the opportunity to be incredibly successful financially and competitively.  He feels that the AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am should be mandatory because of the importance of the relationship with the amateurs and he thinks this week should be mandatory as well because of Arnold Palmer’s contributions to the game of golf.

Starting in 2013, the Nationwide Tour will become the only path to the PGA TOUR. He is biased because he got to the PGA TOUR through Q-School in 1976. He needs some time to get to know the details but he has heard many different opinions on this issue. He is uncertain about the reasoning behind the wraparound schedule because back in 2007 the PGA TOUR changed its ways to end the season in September.

If he could change something about these changes, he could not think of one thing but what he would recommend is that the PGA TOUR players must become educated about where the PGA TOUR has come from its beginnings in the 1960’s with Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus to the present day with Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. A lot of things have obviously changed but it is very important for the players of today to appreciate the work that the PGA TOUR players of the past did to create the PGA TOUR that we have and enjoy today.