Peter King - November 18, 2011


Peter King is a Senior Writer for Sports Illustrated and a contributor to NBC’s Football Night in America. Last night, Tim Tebow was able to lead the Broncos to a late win over the Jets despite the Jets being a 7 point favorite. The Broncos had been struggling the entire game until the last drive where Tebow led the team 95 yards for the late score. It shows that Tebow can pull off amazing things but it also says how weak the Jets’ defense really is. The Jets now have 5 losses and are two games behind the wild card race in the AFC and much of the blame for that record may fall on their QB Mark Sanchez. Rex Ryan gives his QB only a little leash in which he is able to make plays while Tim Tebow is allowed to make big plays and big moves. Denver has been able to remake their offense for Tebow and while they may have some pretty ugly drives, if their defense is good they can win as long as Tebow is able to pull off the plays. Denver Coach John Fox had been trying to fit a square peg into a round hole for a couple of weeks by pushing Tebow to be more a throwing QB and not a running QB like he was with the Florida Gators. The Broncos are 4-1 playing with Tebow and a new offense while they were 1-4 without Tebow and the old offense so obviously something is working with Tebow as the starting QB.