Randall Mell - September 20, 2011


Randall Mell is in Ireland for the Solheim Cup. He has talked with Lexi’s agent and he says that he is preparing the petition but to expect a development next week after the Solheim Cup. Lexi is part of a very close family and she has spent a great deal of time growing up playing with her brothers and her Dad is her caddie and is also the one who taught Lexi her love of the game. Michael Whan released a one page statement after Lexi’s win and Mell was initially staggered by the timing and the comment. It seemed as though the LPGA Tour expected that Lexi would still want to go through Q-School despite winning on the LPGA Tour. Lexi’s agent said that he had a long conversation with Michael Whan that he said went well. In this petition process, the options include immediate membership and deferred membership to 2012 and he thinks that she will petition for deferred membership as there are not many events left to play and she really does not want to play many more tournaments this year. Lexi’s Dad has paid close attention to what Michelle Wie and her family did and her Dad has seemed to want to have Lexi truly prove herself out on the LPGA Tour before she pursued membership or any kind of star status.