Ray Beaufils - October 31, 2012


Ray Beaufils is the latest contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Greenbrier. When asked about the Big Break wall, he said that it was as intimidating as it looks on TV as it is about 12-13 feet high. Golf is all about stepping up and hitting the shot that you have to hit at the moment and that is the essence of what Big Break is all about. Prior to the show, he did not realize how much he actually enjoyed those pressure moments on the golf course.

He struggled with his putting and unfortunately did not make it through the first stage of PGA TOUR Q-School. For now, he plans to rest a little and continue to practice in order to be ready to compete on the mini-tours. Having played rugby for a long time, he still has some injuries that he wants to make sure are in good shape before he starts working hard on his game again.

Since his participation on Big Break Greenbrier, he says that he has been recognized a few times and that has been a lot of fun but he plans to remain the same person that he has always been. He was pursued for Loudmouth by John Daly who knew that he was perfect for the brand because he was a former rugby player.

After filming Big Break, you go home and you have to wait a couple of months until you can say anything to anyone about the show. The wait can be difficult but it is worth it and he is very impressed with all of the producers and personnel at Golf Channel who are involved with Big Break Greenbrier.