Raymond Floyd - December 10, 2011


4-time Major Champion and World Golf Hall of Fame Member Raymond Floyd will be a part of Golf Channel’s 7 Nights at the Academy which begins December 12th at 7PM ET. He hopes that he can give the viewer an insight on the way that he has developed his game and played his game in competition. The process can be very complicated and he wants people to understand the basic fundamentals because that was how his father taught him the game of golf. When you play against the best competition in the world, it is rare to go 72 holes without making some significant mistakes. You are going to miss fairways and greens and you have to have the mindset that you are not always going to shoot at the pin and that you will often have to be ready to get up and down to turn a 5 into a 4 and a 75 into a 70. The Cleveland Indians showed interest in him as a pitcher when he was a young man but Floyd feels that he made the right career choice. He will explain in depth how chip shots around the green are supposed to feel and if people can understand how to feel when they are around the green, they will understand how he played the game. When he was in his prime, players like Seve Ballesteros, Isao Aoki, and Gary Player were among the best around the greens.

He thinks that home field advantage in the Ryder Cup is very important and as a former U.S. Ryder Cup Team Captain, he knows that in order to succeed, the players have to loosen up and really enjoy the experience of representing your country because you do not know if you will get a chance to do it again.

Travelling around the world can be a physical and psychological challenge but unlike when he was a tour pro, the money around the world is so big that one cannot avoid travelling around the world to play in events at least a little bit. However, there is also so much money out there that players do not have to travel as much to earn a lot of money as he would have had to do when he was a regular tour player.