Reggie Jackson - September 14, 2012


National Baseball Hall of Fame Member Reggie Jackson participated in Bill Russell’s MENTOR’s Champions Golf Challenge and sat down with Golf Channel Reporter Win McMurry. When asked about his mentors, Jackson said his biggest mentor was his father who when he was growing up was at times his father, his friend, and even his enemy when he was misbehaving. You can never go wrong when you listen to your parents and his father gave him advice his entire life. He would always show his father the respect of listening to him even when he knew what he would say.

Outside of his family and God, some of his greatest mentors include fellow baseball players like Willie Mays, Bob Gibson, and Henry Aaron. He also learned a great deal from the players that he played alongside during his baseball career. He has sought out the advice and the respect of many people in his professional career especially his elders and the greatest feeling in the world is when they interact with you with genuine care and respect. Jackson said that he has also been fortunate to offer advice to other people and he tries to treat people with the respect and care that others have afforded him.