Rex Hoggard - December 3, 2012


Steven Bowditch leads PGA TOUR Q School after 5 rounds and he has had quite a journey including a publicized battle with depression. Hoggard said that he is very confident that Bowditch will hang in and earn his 2013 PGA TOUR card. Bowditch is a strong person and he is also playing incredibly well this week. Interestingly, he began his week by hooking his tee shot into the water so he has clearly played very well since then.

Meen Whee Kim got off to a great start this week but he seems to be pressing during Sunday’s round of 75. When he got off to a great start early in the week, everyone said that he was the kid to watch and although he begins the final round outside the top 25 and ties, Hoggard thinks that this young man will play well enough to earn his 2013 PGA TOUR card.

When asked who he thinks is the John Huh of the 2012 PGA TOUR Q School, Hoggard said that he thinks it will be Meen Whee Kim because he is so talented and for someone as young as he is, he has had a great deal of competitive experience and Hoggard would not be shocked to see Meen Whee Kim win on the PGA TOUR in 2013.

Tom Pernice, Jr. is currently within the top 25 and ties to earn his PGA TOUR card and he has a lot of experience not only on the PGA TOUR but also in Q School. While the Champions Tour is there for him, Pernice, Jr. is eager to compete on the PGA TOUR and it may well be his experience with Q School that makes the difference in the final round today.