Rex Hoggard - May 5, 2012

RSS Senior Writer Rex Hoggard is in Charlotte, North Carolina this week for the Wells Fargo Championship. He saw Tiger hit his errant tee shot on the 5th hole on Friday and you could tell from the broadcast that there was a lot of mayhem with thousands of people surrounding the area. A couple of fans went up to Rules Official Mark Russell and said that they saw the ball land and based on that information, Russell gave Woods a free drop. What made the issue controversial was that another fan after the drop said he saw the ball land in a tree. But this has been blown up a bit and Rex feels like the right decision was made.

Rex spoke with Sean Foley and Foley discussed the work he has been doing with Tiger on his golf swing. Sean said that Tiger is like most of his students in that he has to focus on many of the same issues with his swing. Tiger is uncomfortable with the same issues and Sean has been trying to get Tiger to become more comfortable with the changes. Sean also understands that everything is magnified when you are dealing with Tiger Woods and Sean definitely knows this based on his own comments about wanting the media to leave Tiger along. Tiger has done over 1,000 news conferences since 1996 and despite this fact he is still being criticized for skipping a news conference during the Wells Fargo Championship.