Rex Hoggard - October 30, 2012


In reaction to the news that Titleist will not extend its contract with Rory McIlroy after the 2012 season, Hoggard said that he was a bit surprised in part because his sources told him that McIlroy had multiple years remaining on his contract with Titleist. There had been some recent tension between Titleist and McIlroy in recent weeks because of the rumors that McIlroy will sign a new deal with Nike so he is interested to see what happens next.

Although there are a couple of adjustments in the 2013 PGA TOUR Schedule from 2012, next year’s schedule is largely the same but because of the shortened season, there will be about 600 fewer playing opportunities for graduates from the Tour and Q-School. Although 2013 will be tough, the 2013-2014 season will make up for it because there will more events on that schedule and therefore more playing opportunities.

The USGA and the R&A are continuing to make presentations to players about the decision they will make about anchoring the putter. Hoggard said that his sources tell him that the ruling bodies will ban the action of anchoring the putter to your body although they will not ban the long putter. Carl Pettersson is one of many players who have used this method for most of their careers and Pettersson is certainly concerned about the ruling although ultimately he will do what it takes to follow the new rule. Hoggard does not see the ruling bodies instituting a grandfather clause or otherwise allowing bifurcation of any rule involving a ban of anchoring the putter.