Rex Hoggard - October 9, 2012


The 8 elite players who are competing in the non-sanctioned Turkish Airlines World Golf Final needed releases from the PGA TOUR and European Tour to compete in Turkey. Along with the fact that the players received these releases (they can receive up to three in one year), it is being reported that they have agreed to play in the Open at least once in the next three years in exchange for receiving the release.

Ken Venturi has been elected to the World Golf Hall of Fame and his election is long overdue. He is 81 years old and after a career where he won 14 times on the PGA TOUR including the 1964 U.S. Open and held the role of Lead Golf Analyst for CBS Sports for 35 years, it is remarkable that he was not elected sooner but it is wonderful that it has happened. Venturi has made an impact on so many people and on so many different aspects of the game of golf that his election is well deserved.