Rex Hoggard - September 18, 2012


Hoggard was at Sea Island Golf Club on Monday for Davis Love III’s news conference for The McGladrey Classic. A number of questions were asked about the Ryder Cup and Hoggard said that he was surprised at how close the Captain seems to be to knowing exactly who he will team together at Medinah. Love III is scheduled  to meet with all 12 U.S. team members in Atlanta on Saturday and it would not be surprising if he knew every pairing for every match by that point. Hoggard expects that Tiger and Stricker will be together and that Mickelson will be with Keegan Bradley.

Love III also said that people should not be surprised if Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson sit for at least one session each. Love III said that in your first Ryder Cup, you want to play all five matches but by your third Ryder Cup, you are happy to play three matches. Hoggard added that he would not be shocked if Mickelson only played one match per day because of his age and his issues with psoriatic arthritis.

A statement on the anchoring of putters from the USGA and R&A is expected shortly after the Ryder Cup. If you are into reading tea leaves, one should expect the ruling bodies to ban the action of anchoring the putter. Certain players including Carl Pettersson and Tim Clark should be very concerned as they have used this method for practically their entire careers. A number of players have wondered out loud why the PGA TOUR doesn’t make their own rules that may be similar to the USGA in many ways but include rules that are different.