Rich Lerner - May 13, 2012


When asked about Kevin Na, Lerner said that this is as bizarre of an occurrence that he has ever seen in golf. If Na were not leading, this would not be a big story. But in a very strange way, Kevin Na has injected a lot of electricity into this event because everyone is talking about Na and his routine. Many people will be watching the final round the way that young people watch horror movies in that they are anxiously waiting to see what happens next.

There have been plenty of athletes, namely baseball players like Steve Sax and Chuck Knoblauch, who have performed at high levels but went through stretches where they had odd routines and struggled to get started. Lerner does know if those routines or Na’s routine has something to do with OCD or not but in any sense, it is working for Kevin Na as he is playing very well.

If Na is leading on the 17th tee in the final round today, it will be the ultimate hold your breath moment times ten because of who is involved. No matter who is standing on that tee with the lead is in a hold your breath moment and that moment will be completely silent followed by immediate and loud reaction from fans and media alike.