Rick Cochran - December 5, 2012


Rick Cochran is the latest contestant to be eliminated from Big Break Greenbrier. When asked what the experience was like for him, he said that everyone on the show – himself included – had a vision of winning so to not win was disappointing but it was definitely a pressure-packed, exciting experience in part because of all of the cameras which was a new experience.

He began using a long putter with an anchored stroke after Q School in 2011 because he was struggling with the short putter and he figured that he could not do any worse with the long putter. He currently travels with three different putters with three different grips and now that an anchoring ban has been proposed, he is definitely practicing with the shorter putter a lot more often.

He plans to play the mini tours in 2013 but he also plans to play in more Monday qualifiers on the Web.com Tour because that will be his path from the mini tours to the PGA TOUR especially with the end of PGA TOUR Q School as we know it after this year. He looks forward to taking the lessons that he learned from Big Break Greenbrier onto the course next year.