Rick Smith - April 7, 2012


Swing Instructor Rick Smith is in Augusta, Georgia this week for the 76th Masters Tournament. Smith was the swing instructor for Phil Mickelson for a number of years. He has known Phil’s current coach Butch Harmon for many years and Smith thinks that Phil’s swing is similar today to what it was when Smith coached him. Right now, Phil is trying to shorten his swing to gain more control over his shots. Phil is today and has always been an artist on the golf course. He is hard to beat when he is driving the ball well but he is also putting well right now too. However, Phil’s greatest strength is his mind and proof of that is the way he has been able to bounce back from mistakes this week.

Tiger Woods is struggling with his swing this week and after talking with Sean Foley a couple of weeks ago, Smith knows that Foley is doing a great job of trying to get Tiger to get over bad habits and Tiger has been working hard to make progress. While he has not started well, he is very capable of shooting a pair of 65s on the weekend.

When asked about his controversial comments about Hank Haney and his new book, he said that there is no question that when you are hired to be a professional coach to someone, you are not entitled to then go out and make money off that relationship. The coach is certainly not entitled to use information that was discussed in private with that student to help sell that book.