Rickie Fowler and Ian Poulter - October 31, 2011


The real Rickie Fowler and Ian Poulter came on the show together to join their lookalikes on Halloween. Ian is in China and Rickie is at home in Florida. Ian had seen some pictures on Twitter while having dinner in China and thinks that Gary looks really good except that Gary needs shorter hair. Otherwise he looks like Brian Gay or Daniel Chopra. Rickie thinks that Jason looks really good except that Jason’s hair is a bit off in terms of length. Ian is very immersed in his five-year old IJP Design clothing company and his latest clothing launch accompanied by a website re-launch is very exciting in that customers in the United States can now purchase IJP apparel without having difficulties in receiving it. Rickie is not sure of his Halloween plans for tonight. He went to a Halloween party dressed as a nerd and feels that he pulled off the role pretty well. Suspenders, jean shorts, pocket protector, and a Transformers watch were all a part of his costume. Ian had just played in the unofficial Shanghai Masters and he feels that with the amazing growth of golf in Asia over the past decade, it is inevitable that the PGA TOUR will have official events over in that part of the world within the next few years. Rickie thinks it is very cool that he will be on the cover with Tiger of the next EA Sports Tiger Woods PGA TOUR video game. He has grown up idolizing Tiger Woods and it is amazing to not only being on the cover with Tiger but also getting to know him out at Medalist Golf Club. Ian’s favorite Halloween candy is the candy hearts and Rickie’s favorite Halloween candy is Snickers.