Rickie Fowler - May 8, 2012


Rickie Fowler earned his first career PGA TOUR win on Sunday in the Wells Fargo Championship in Charlotte, North Carolina. Prior to the final round on Sunday, Fowler said that he stuck to his earlier plans and just calmly prepared and told himself to remember that he was hitting the ball really well and to just trust his game.

During the playoff, he had 133 yards to the hole and hit it to 4 feet. He knew that he would be comfortable with the shot and the distance because in regulation, he had 141 to the pin and hit his approach a bit long.

After struggling on Thursday, he was able to fight back on Friday and make the cut when he could have easily been going home after 36 holes. Being able to stay calm and focus on turning his tournament around gave him confidence that he could do more and was able to win for the first time on the PGA TOUR.

His mom and girlfriend were in Charlotte along with some friends while his father was at home. He said that he would remember this win for the rest of his life for many reasons but one of them is the fact that his Mom was there for that moment.

He said he did not feel too much pressure down the stretch because he was focused on playing his best and seeing what happened. Going into the playoff, he knew that it was he, Rory, and D.A. Points and that while he could not control what the others did, he could control what he did. It was fun to see Rory McIlroy make his putt for par and then having to make a similar putt in order to win the tournament and avoid another playoff hole.

After earning his first PGA TOUR win, Fowler said that his other two goals of qualifying for the TOUR Championship and playing on the U.S. Ryder Cup team are still his main goals and he will continue to focus on accomplishing those goals for the rest of the year.

Sunday night, when he pulled up Twitter, he realized that he was unable to see a bunch of Tweets from players and friends who had sent their best wishes right after he won. A number of them teased him a bit for not replying but it is a real honor to receive well wishes not only from friends but also from other public figures that he admires and respects.

He plans to play nine holes each of the next two days. Because of his win he has more media responsibilities than he usually has so after fulfilling those responsibilities today, he plans to get plenty of rest in order to prepare for THE PLAYERS. He acknowledged that both he and Bubba Watson have recorded big wins since guest hosting Morning Drive and joked that maybe he should guest host once a week.