Rickie Fowler - October 11, 2011


Rickie Fowler earned his first professional win last week in the Kolon Korea Open on the OneAsia Tour. He is playing in the McGladrey Classic this week. Last week, he felt that he got his best sleep on Friday and Saturday night when he was in the lead. It felt very good to win especially leading by a comfortable margin walking up 18 on Sunday. He feels very honored to be in the position that he is in where he is respected and congratulated by veterans and peers alike. He wants to play tournaments around the world because he wants to play different courses and experience different cultures but a drawback is the fact that the time change makes it difficult to adjust. He was not adjusted to South Korea until Wednesday of last week and he doubts that he will be adjusted to Sea Island until tomorrow. Making Davis Love III’s 2012 U.S. Ryder Cup team is his main goal next year. In response to an e-mail, he said that he does not own an orange tuxedo like in Dumb and Dumber – YET. He added that if Oklahoma State went undefeated, he could see getting an orange tuxedo very quickly. The main reason that he is playing in the McGladrey Classic is because of the Seaside Course at Sea Island Golf Club. He played a couple of AJGA events on the course as a junior and has always loved the golf course and the area. He feels that he is now under less pressure to win on the PGA TOUR since he was able to win in South Korea with a world class field. Admittedly, he is playing a bit more conservative now than he has in the past after struggling with inconsistency. In 2011, he made a lot more cuts but he struggled with his driving and did not have a lot of high finishes. Going into next year, he does not want to miss any cuts and have a lot more high finishes. Reacting to Bubba Watson’s planking of the Morning Drive desk, he said that he has not hopped on the planking train if you will and wants to instead start his own trend. He feels his a good artist although he will never be as good as Luke Donald. Over the past couple of years, Rickie has become a bigger fan of Oklahoma State football and has gotten to know the coach and a number of the players. It is a lot of fun to cheer on people he knows and he is excited for the rest of the season as there are a lot of big games coming up.