Robbie Biershenk - November 5, 2012


When asked about how much this show has raised his popularity, Robbie said that the show has done a great deal to raise his profile with other people. It is a great show and so many people from all over the country seem to really enjoy it and relate to his story. He has even had some people tell him how he has inspired them in their lives and it is quite humbling to hear that from people. He feels very blessed in his life and he is blessed that Golf Channel has wanted to tell his story.

He takes a great deal of pride in his work in running a driving range. He enjoys taking care of the property and teaching people the game of golf. But as much as he enjoys what he does, he still has the dream of playing professionally and he hopes to be able to raise enough money to play a full season on the eGolf Tour next year.

Robbie said that he feels that he has the talent to compete and win in professional golf but he needs more tournament experience which will lead to a greater ability to not only play the game but also put together low scores on a regular basis under pressure. He wants to see if he can really make this dream a reality.

Tommy Gainey has been an inspiration to him and watching him go from the Big Break to winning on the PGA TOUR has been a great story and great for golf. Gainey is simply a good guy who is genuine in what he says and what he feels. Gainey has worked very hard to get to where he is in his life and he has been very generous with everyone he has come across.

His brother Tommy is also a professional golfer who has played on the Tour and the PGA TOUR and Tommy is someone who has made a lot of great decisions in his personal and professional life. He has persevered and he deserves everything he has gotten in his life. Through thick and thin he has worked so hard and Robbie does not doubt that Tommy will continue to work hard no matter what happens.

He has gotten used to being around cameras both on Big Break and Chasing the Dream and the presence of the cameras gives him a lot of confidence. They can make him nervous as well but they also make him want to succeed even more.

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