Robert Gamez - October 13, 2011


He is hosting a celebrity invitational tournament this month and has hosted 16 different tournaments since he became a professional golfer. This year’s event will be held the Monday and Tuesday after the Disney event and it will kick off with a big party on Sunday night. Jim McMahon, Carlton Fisk, and Ray Lankford will be there as well as some PGA TOUR players and some Golf Channel personalities including Charlie Rymer and Mike Ritz. His foundation raises money for a number of organizations which reach out to kids who need help. The event will be played at Orange Tree in Orlando. He admitted that it has been a rough few years in his professional golf career as he has had some injuries but he is just trying to get back out on the PGA TOUR. Last year he played pretty well on both the PGA TOUR and the Nationwide Tour. It was frustrating to play well and shoot a few under par for 36 holes but miss the cut. He had to withdraw from Q-School last year due to injury which was very frustrating. Rickie Fowler is a great player and the flair and confidence that he has on the golf course reminds him of the attitude that he had when he began playing on the PGA TOUR. He carried that flair to a couple of quick wins in 1990 in Tucson and Orlando and those wins made him expect too much of himself too fast. He is a streaky putter and went through some bad stretches with the putter soon after winning at Bay Hill which frustrated him a great deal. Looking back, he would tell the 21-year-old version of himself to have confidence in his abilities but not get too high or too low on yourself. Also, never give up and always grind it out no matter where you stand on the leaderboard. Jim McMahon plays barefoot and he always has great time spending time with him no matter where they are.