Robert Garrigus - October 19, 2011


He earned his first career PGA TOUR win one year ago in the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Classic. Garrigus came into the studio as the theme song to Caddyshack was playing and said that this was played at his wedding. Everybody wants to know how to hit the ball a long way and the best advice he could give is to tell people to stand farther away from the ball so you are then able to move and transfer your weight effectively which will result in hitting the ball longer. Although he is hitting it very well right now, he is not putting well which is placing a lot of pressure on his game. If you are putting well, it takes the pressure off of the rest of your game. He began using the very short putter in the mid-1990’s at a point where he could not make a putt. After using this short putter and actually making putts, he decided to stay with it because it was getting the job done for him. Tiger Woods has been among the players to tease him about the short putter and Robert responded by saying he was endorsed by U.S. Kids Golf and then actually left one of the short putters in Tiger’s locker. Tiger gave the putter to his daughter Sam and he told Robert that she actually uses it. At this time last year, he was struggling to keep his tour card when he went on to win and now that he is exempt through 2012, it is a completely different feeling and the security relaxes him and frees him up to just think about playing great golf. After the final round in Memphis is 2010, Tony Kornheiser of ESPN roundly criticized him and Garrigus used the motivation to win at Disney and then dedicated the win to him. Being the defending champion has come with some perks including having his picture on the hotel room keys as well as receiving extra Disney passes for his family.