Ron Sirak - February 27, 2012


Ron Sirak is the Executive Editor for Golf World magazine. The first nine events have been won by Americans on the 2012 PGA TOUR and in Sirak’s opinion, this sets up the question of whose year will this be on the PGA TOUR? The fact that you have had nine different winners also allows for a number of scenarios where a player will stand up and say “this is my year.”

Tiger Woods has said that his putting issues can be solved within a day but Sirak does not believe this. He has watched Tiger Woods for years and feels that he can win with any golf swing but putting is very mental. Tom Watson, Johnny Miller, and Ben Hogan are just a few examples of players who had great difficulty in fixing their putting issues.

The 2012 LPGA Tour has gotten to a start where there have been exciting finishes and great winners but few viewers in the U.S. because the events took place on the other side of the world in Australia, Thailand, and Singapore. After a short break, the LPGA Tour will resume in Arizona and what they need most is for events to continue to have strong performances and strong finishes if they are going to build on their momentum entering 2012.