Ron Sirak - November 12, 2012


Cristie Kerr earned her 15th career LPGA Tour win and her first since the 2010 Wegmans LPGA Championship in the Lorena Ochoa Invitational. Kerr is sneaking up on a Hall of Fame career as she has won 15 times including 2 Majors and she has won in 9 different seasons.

Stacy Lewis has clinched the 2012 LPGA Tour Player of the Year honor and this is a big deal for the LPGA Tour as Lewis is the first American to win the award since Beth Daniel in 1994. This could inspire more American players and Sirak added that he is relieved that he will no longer have to write “the last American to win the LPGA Tour Player of the Year was Beth Daniel in 1994.”

The PGA of America has named a new leader in former USGA and CAA Sports Executive Peter Bevacqua. Bevacqua had been a past contender for both the USGA Executive Director position and the role of LPGA Tour Commissioner before accepting this position as the head of the PGA of America. Bevacqua is very passionate about the game of golf and is a very talented player. Professionally, he was the first Business Officer for the USGA and it is possible that Bevacqua’s interest in the LPGA Commissioner position played a big role in ending his career with the USGA.

Charlie Beljan’s win on Sunday was off the charts remarkable and Sirak said that he knows a number of people who have panic attacks and understands how serious they can be. Beljan was literally playing for his career and his life last week and the fact that he was able to continue playing after such a dramatic episode on Friday much less win was an incredible feat.

The USGA held a Water Summit and USGA President Glen Nager said that water problems a more serious threat to the game of golf than participation. In an effort to combat against future water shortages, you will see more golf courses adopt a natural brown look as fewer areas will be irrigated and more courses will develop a look that is dependent on the area’s weather. In the future, water will become the new oil as resources will shrink as the years go on.