Ron Sirak - October 31, 2011


Ken Duke jumped from 36th to 7th to earn his PGA TOUR card but the ones outside of the top 25 will have another chance to earn their cards in the final stage of Q-School later this year. While the Nationwide Tour is the best barometer for PGA TOUR success, Q-School is still very important and is great way to create stories for the week and success stories for the future. Erik Compton’s success is a remarkable story of determination. He has said that he does not want to be known for his heart surgeries but now he will be known for having earned his PGA TOUR card.

A number of college freshmen in the class of 2015 have jumped out to some big wins early in their first years of college and if this success can be maintained, the class of 2015 could be the greatest ever. Only time will tell that but  all of the early success is something to get excited about.

Yani Tseng has won for the 11th time in 2011 and you have to go back to Annika Sorenstam’s 2002 season when she won 13 times to find a year as successful. Yani is showing the fire  to win that players like Annika and Lorena showed and it is great to see someone more than living up to their potential.