Ron Sirak - September 19, 2011


Michael Whan’s main concern is that he does not want to appear as though he is encouraging young kids to quit school early. Whan is very happy for Lexi’s accomplishment but he does not have any other reaction to make until when and if Lexi petitions for immediate membership thanks to her win in Alabama.

Jay Don Blake ended a 20 year winless drought in South Korea this week and he thinks that like the Champions Tour in Asia and  the Nationwide Tour in South America, the PGA TOUR will eventually have officially events based overseas because that is the wave of the future.

Rees Jones has gone from Open Doctor to Dr. No as Steve Stricker even joined the crowd of criticizers last week at Cog Hill and Phil Mickelson continues to criticize Jones any chance he gets. Sirak thinks that architects right now are struggling to figure out how to make courses more difficult while simultaneously keeping golf courses playable for players who are not on the same ability level.