Russell Henley - May 1, 2012


Former University of Georgia Bulldog Russell Henley won the 2011 Stadion Classic at UGA while still a member of the golf team and an amateur. Last year was an overwhelming experience to win as an amateur in Athens so he is not sure what to expect as he returns to defend his title as a professional. He is going to try to have as much fun as possible and spend some time with good friends.

When you are a collegiate golfer, everything is arranged for you so all you have to worry about is playing golf. As a professional, he is responsible for every aspect of his daily life so it is a challenge but he enjoys the challenge and he simply tries to find ways to keep golf fun on a daily basis.

He is surrounded by a lot of great friends, family, and advisors in his life including his UGA Golf Coach Chris Haack and he enjoys hearing and is thankful for all of the advice that he has received along the way in his amateur and professional careers.

He attended a players meeting in Valdosta last week and many players were very skeptical about the changes in PGA TOUR qualifying for 2013 but the reality is that these changes will probably happen and everyone will have to adjust to those changes.

The success that he has had in the U.S. Open the last two years has given him so much confidence in big events and he knows that he can compete with the best players in the world on the hardest courses in the world.

Bubba Watson’s win in The Masters as well as his overall success on the PGA TOUR is just simply one example of the success that Chris Haack and the University of Georgia have had in coaching and preparing players for careers as professional golfers. While Bubba is certainly the most notable example, there are many other examples of players to go from Athens to successful pro careers.